Yasuo Honda - President

Yasuo Honda has served as President of UBE Machinery, Inc. since October 2021. Prior to his current role, Honda’s 20+ year injection molding career encompasses sales in the Asian market, in Thailand as head of sales for the Southeast Asian region and in the West Japan area as a sales manager. His experience also includes a management position at Nagoya Machinery Works coordinating sales and technology / manufacturing departments.

Pat Berry - Senior Managing Director

Pat Berry has been with the UBE Group for over 20 years. Starting in 1991 as a Foundry Manager in UBE's Mason Ohio Die Casting Wheel Plant. He then joined UBE's Ann Arbor, MI Machinery Division in 1995 as a Production Manager for mid-size Injection Molding Machines and Die Cast machine assembly, leading to the broader role of all operational responsibilities including engineering, purchasing and customer service.

Pat's prior experience as a Process Control Engineer in the compressor/turbine manufacturing group with GE Aircraft Engines added valuable skills and capabilities.

As a Director of UBE Machinery Inc., Pat utilizes his technical background in engineering and manufacturing as well as his management skills to promote long term business strategies and success.

Masashi Kawata - Director/General Manager, Sales

Masashi Kawata is Sales Manager of UBE Machinery, Inc.
Kawata began his career with UBE in 1998, with his first overseas assignment in 2007 at UBE Machinery, Ann Arbor MI where he worked for 7 years. Upon completion he returned to UBE Japan, dedicating himself to Injection Molding Sales in Japan, the United States and the Eastern Asia markets to successfully increase shares of the UBE brand. In 2017, he increased his sales experience with the U-MHI Platech Co. merger.

In January 2018, he returned to the United States for his second tour as Sales Manager of Injection Molding Machinery with the mission to further sales expansion of both the UBE and UMPT brands.

Devin Hake - Director/General Manager, Customer Support

Devin Hake has been with UBE Since 2004. Prior to UBE, Devin used his Electrical Engineering background in several industrial applications. He utilizes his 20+ years of Industrial Troubleshooting, Process Engineering, and Machine Overhaul experience to lead his Service team to provide quality service in a timely manner.

As General Manager, Devin strives to provide UBE's customers with the best customer support possible. His team provides preventative maintenance and emergency service as well as, machine upgrades. Devin promotes preventative maintenance and maintenance training to reduce unplanned machine downtime for all UBE customers.

Paul Herman - Service Manager

In 2003 Paul was contracted to UBE Machinery for control panel work on injection molding machines as production demand had increased and after working as a contractor, he was hired into the production department at UBE.

As a result of experience gained assembling, installing, and commissioning injection molding machines, Paul was shifted into the service department and in 2013 he became Assistant Service Manager. In 2022, Paul was promoted to Service Manager of the Ann Arbor Facility.

As Service Manager, he uses his experience gained from being on the shop floor, troubleshooting at customer facilities, and managing the service group, to promote a culture that drives the UBE service department to be the #1 service team in our industry.

Nick Adams - Service Manager/Chicago Office

Since 1994 Nick Adams has played a key role in the Mitsubishi Service department. He developed the title of senior engineer by creating the US operation, maintenance training manuals, and U-MHI Platech training courses. He is also skilled in mechanical and hydraulic engineering for the racing motorsports industry.

As the service manager since 2018 his goals are to continue to push the envelope on what it means to have world class service. By leading the UMHI Platech service team, he is supporting the best troubleshooters in the industry facilitating never ending service experience and training to his staff. His team approach fosters relationships with our customers that are second to none.

Romy Vlad - Engineering Manager

Romy Vlad has been involved in the Plastics Injection Molding industry for over 24 years. He has an excellent understanding of all aspects of the injection molding machine from testing to installation and startup, to design and engineer customer-driven options. He has been serving as Engineering Manager since 2007. He led his Engineering team to the development of the US series IMM, the servo-driven hydraulic injection molding machine, designed and built in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As Engineering Manager, his mission is to provide world-class service and solutions to customers' increasing technological requirements in an efficient and profitable manner.

Brandon Bahn - Parts & Procurement Manager

Brandon started with UBE Machinery Inc. in 2012. During his time at UBE he has worked in variety of roles including Parts Sales, Process Control, Procurement, and as Parts Manager since 2016. His experience with UBE has given him wide range of knowledge about injection molding, die casting, and extrusion machines. He utilizes his experience with new machine installation projects, logistics, and inventory management to provide the highest-level parts support and customer satisfaction for UBE's North American customers.

Robert Sitniewski - Parts, Procurement & Logistics Manager/Chicago Office

Robert Sitniewski has been the Parts Manager of the Chicago Office since April 2004. Since joining Mitsubishi in 1992, Robert has also served as Warehouse Manager and Engineering Technician.

His career in plastic injection molding began in 1979, rebuilding and repairing injection molding machines.

Using valuable knowledge from all his previous experiences, he has streamlined the parts operation with the goal of "Complete customer satisfaction".

Kazuaki Honda - Die Casting Machine and Extrusion Press Sales Manager

Kazuaki Honda joined UBE Machinery Corporation Japan in April 2008 as part of the R & D group of casting technology. His role was studying underlying technology of die casting and providing technical support to produce quality casting parts at customer sites.

In April 2012, he moved to the die casting machine sales department to work with the Asian market, mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia. His territory was expanded to include the Indian market in 2015.

Most recently, in June 2023 he relocated to Lexington KY (USA) as the sales manager of UBE Machinery’s die casting and extrusion press machinery group.

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