UBE Machinery Inc. offers multiple training courses for both UBE Die casting Machinery and UBE Injection Molding Machinery.

Courses in machine operation as well as maintenance and troubleshooting are available at the customer site or at UBE Machinery Inc.'s Ann Arbor, Michigan facility.

Machine Operations Training: Machine sequence and operation, Control Operation and Screen Review, Safety Procedures and interlocks, Clamp Set-up, Injection Set-up, Mold Memory Use, Barrel Temperature Set-up and use, Ejector Set-Up, Adjustments and Position Set Points, and Troubleshooting.

Machine Maintenance Training: Troubleshooting, Hydraulic Circuits, Control Operations, Calibration, Preventive maintenance, Application of the Machine Operations to Processing, Diagnostic Capabilities.

UBE Training: Courses are tailored to both the specific UBE Machine – All Electric Injection Molding, Hydraulic Injection Molding, and Die Cast Machinery – as well as the specific needs of your staff.

For all of your UBE Machinery Training Questions and for Custom Tailored UBE Training, contact UBE Service at 1-888-UBE-24HR.

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