UBE Machinery Inc. has developed a special option for processing long glass fiber filled materials using UBE's conventional reciprocating screw injection capabilities

UBE Machinery Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan has made available a screw, barrel, and check ring option that economically processes long glass fiber filled materials. The optional package was developed and tested at UBE's parent, UBE Machinery Corp. at its development center in Japan.

The testing was done utilizing PP with 40% glass. The average Fiber length began at 9 to 10mm. After processing the average fiber length was maintained at 4.5 to 4.8mm at screw revolutions up to 320 rpm's. Product testing demonstrated 80% of Glass Fiber damage occurs in the barrel. The performance of the new UBE design retains 50% more of the original glass fiber length while allowing for high screw RPM, effectively reducing cycle time.

The Long Glass Fiber option is available on all sizes and models of UBE injection molding machines, both hydraulic and All-Electric.

UBE Machinery Inc. manufactures plastic injection molding machines and die cast machines in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Backed by the global power of UBE Industries Ltd of Japan, a world wide diversified manufacturer, UBE Machinery, Inc. provides All Electric Molding Machines from 35 to 2000 tons, and Hydraulic Injection Machines from 500 to 7000 tons. Die Casting machines are available from 250 to 4400 tons. UBE Machinery is a leader in the production of squeeze cast and aluminum Extrusion equipment.

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