UBE Introduces All- Electric Injection Molding Machine

UBE Machinery Corp., Ltd. is pleased to announce the World's Largest All-Electric Injection Molding Machine - The UBE UN 3300 US Ton 400 Ounce Reciprocating Screw Machine.

UBE Machinery Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan wishes to announce that it's parent company, UBE Machinery Corp., Ltd. (Ube City, Japan) has produced the first 3300 US Ton Super Large All Electric Injection Molding machine for a major global automotive producer. UBE Machinery, a leading global manufacturer of large All Electric Injection Molding Machines and highly advanced value added process technologies for the automotive parts market announced at the IPF 2005 the addition of a 3300 US Ton machine to their line up of large All Electric Injection Molding machines. In addition to Large All Electric injection molding machines from 720 US tons through 2000 US tons in standard and wide platen designs, UBE now has made available a 2750 US ton and 3300 US ton clamp.

Following our theme of "Ecological and Economical Innovation", the UBE 3300 ton All Electric will be producing automotive facia in less than a 30 second cycle. The UBE All Electric 3300 provides the benefits of all Electric Injection Molding machines; super low energy consumption, elimination of hydraulic fluids, over-lapping cycle functions, and superior repeatability, while producing automotive facia in the lowest possible cycle time.

  • Super Large All Electric Injection Molding Machine UN3300HWS-IV (3300US Ton)
  • Clamping Force: 3300 US Tons 29400kN
  • Tie bar Space (HxV): 85.39 x 62.99 in. 2169 x 1600 mm
  • Platen Size (H xV): 125 x 98.2 in. 3175 x 2500 mm
  • Clamp Stroke: 1800 mm  Injection Capacity oz gps: 400
  • Injection rate cu.in./sec: 142.5 cm/sec: 2,332

UBE Machinery Inc. manufactures plastic injection molding machines and die cast machines in Ann Arbor, Michigan. UBE Machinery Corp. manufactures plastic injection molding machines, die cast machines, squeeze cast, and aluminum extrusion machines in Japan and China. UBE All Electric machines are available from 35 through 3300US tons, Hydraulic machines are available from 500 to 7000US tons, Die Cast machines are available from 250 to 4400US tons.

For information on the UBE 3300 All Electric as well as any of UBE's products or services please call 734-741-7000 or access our web site at www.ubemachinery.com.

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