UBE finds a silver lining in the clouds of "Injection Recession"

UBE Machinery Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan has found a bright spot in the sea of auctions. As machines are sold and relocated, UBE has found three sources of new business to fill in for a slow economy.

First, UBE is busy contracting with the buyers of these used machines to remove, rig, and re-install them at the new customers plant.

Second, UBE is providing rebuild and retrofit services by bringing the machine to its Ann Arbor factory and refurbishing it to new condition while adding updates and additional options and capabilities.

Third, in some cases UBE has purchased used UBE machines and after remanufacturing and modernizing them at the Ann Arbor, Michigan plant, they are sold to end users at a fraction of new cost.

UBE Machinery Inc. offers both ALL ELECTRIC injection molding machines from 720 US tons to the worlds largest electric at 3300 US tons and hydraulic injection molding machines from 720 US tons to 7000 US tons. In addition to new UBE machines, UBE in Ann Arbor offers used UBE's as well as full rebuild, retrofit, removal and installation services.

"Our objective is to keep our Ann Arbor associates continuously working toward the success of our customers".

For additional information or to enquire about all of UBE Machinery's capabilities please call 734-741-7000 or go to our web site at www.ubemachinery.com.

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