Thank you for visiting UMI at NPE SHOW 2018

NPE2018, one of the world's largest plastic shows, was held from May 7th - 11th 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Florida, USA).

In our booth, for the first exhibition in North America since the business integration of UBE Machinery Co., Ltd. and U-MHI Platech Co., Ltd., we demonstrated "Core-back foaming" as a symbol of our fusion, utilizing U-MHI Platech's 720 MEIII all-electric injection molding machine with UBE Machinery’s iconic DIEPREST control. We were able to obtain a good understanding and positive feedback from our visitors, through the performance.

We also featured a variety of samples such as DLFT system, multi-layer molding, and introduced our extensive machine lineup with graphic panels and video images. We successfully achieved to present "UM" brand as our new North American presence that meets any and all customer requirements.

Thank you for visiting our showcase!


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